We are proud to offer you an incredible selection of scrumptiously delicious desserts, available daily in our cooler and store. Tempt your taste buds with one of our twenty fancy and flavorful tortes.  Some tortes are seasonal and may not be available all the time.  Please call or stop into one of our locations to check on availability.


 The Elite 
These exclusive tortes are the hallmark of quality.

7″ Round (Serves 8-10)

Banana Split Trifle (Summer) – Layers of moist chocolate & vanilla cake filled with freshly sliced bananas, strawberries, fudge and banana whipped cream… a classic treat!

Chocolate Symphony – Decadent chocolate cake, dreamy chocolate mousse, smooth chocolate buttercream & sweet chocolate ganache… It’s music to your mouth.

French Silk Gateau – An award winning cake featuring vanilla sponge cake dipped in chocolate liqueur, layers of pure whipped cream enrobed in chocolate truffle ganache.

Raspberry Cordial – Vanilla cake layers filled with fresh raspberries & creamy vanilla mousse, surrounded by raspberry buttercream and white chocolate ganache.

Red Velvet Truffle (Fall & Winter) – Classic chocolate red velvet cake,whipped custard & chocolate ganache filling, topped with velvetty cream cheese icing & white chocolate truffle.

Toasted Almond (Winter & Spring) – Inspired by the San Jose “Burnt Almond Cake”, this torte features three layers of moist almond cake, homemade custard filling, vanilla buttercream and toasted candied almonds.



 Daily Delights 
Double layers with popular fillings…a torte for every taste!

9″ Round (Serves 12)

These delectable desserts taste as wonderful as they look. We start with the finest ingredients available to create fresh layers of moist cake and loads of luscious fillings. Then we surround it all with silky smooth whipped cream, or a flavorful buttercream variation, and decorate it with elegant simplicity.

Larger sheet cake versions are also available, serving between 15 – 72,
and can be completely decorated for any occasion.


Available Year Round:

Carrot Cake – Our own recipe with grated carrots and a tasty cream cheese icing, toasted pecans & flaky coconut.

Chocolate Truffle – Tasty chocolate cake filled with rich fudge & covered with chocolate buttercream and fudge truffle.

Turtle Torte – A customer favorite…Chocolate cake, homemade caramel, whipped cream and fresh toasted pecans.


Available Summer (June – September)

Lemon Berry Smoothie Raspberry swirl cake, refreshing lemon filling and lemon pastry cream all topped with raspberry swirled lemon buttercream.

Love ‘Um – Yellow cake with smooth custard filling, homemade caramel & whipped cream …You’ll love it!

Orange Dreamsicle – Yellow cake, orange custard and cream filling surrounded by tangy orange whipped cream.

Strawberry Mousse – Featuring moist yellow cake, classic strawberry filling and amazing strawberry mousse icing.


Available Fall & Winter (October – January)

Peanut Butter Treat – Rich chocolate cake filled with a layer of chocolate ganache and peanut butter, all covered in peanut butter infused whipped cream.

Snickers Swirl – Yellow cake and caramel sauce filled with vanilla moose and chopped snickers bars… surrounded with chocolate butter cream, chocolate ganache, and peanuts.

Tiramisu – Homemade vanilla sponge cake is soaked in espresso & rum flavor liquor, layered with mascarpone and whipped cream dusted with cocoa powder and slivers of chocolate.


Available Winter & Springs (February – May)

Bailey’s Irish Cream – Rich chocolate cake drenched in Bailey’s Irish Cream topped with fudge & whipped cream.

Black Cow – A tasty combo of marble cake & smooth custard topped with our famous buttercream icing & fudge.

German Chocolate – Back by popular demand… Chocolate cake filled with homemade caramel sauce that’s loaded with toasted pecans & coconut, surrounded by chocolate buttercream.

Raspberry Snowball – Yellow cake with raspberry filling & white chocolate mousse, covered in whipped cream.



 Classic Cream Cakes 
Originated over 50 years ago…some good things last forever!

8″ Round (Serves 10)

Chocolate – Three layers of fluffy chocolate chiffon cake filled with whipped cream and custard, covered with rich fudge topping.

Strawberry – Three layers of heavenly vanilla chiffon cake with strawberry filling, surrounded by our famous strawberry whipped cream. 

Malted Milk Chiffon (Fall)Triple layer of chocolate chiffon saturated with chocolate French silk wash, filled with flavorful malted milk dessert cream and iced in fresh chocolate malt whipped cream

Tres Leches (Summer) – “Three Milks” – A dessert from Central America featuring vanilla chiffon cake soaked in sweetened condensed and whole milks with a touch of strawberries & whipped cream.

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