Custom Cakes

A custom cake from Manderfield’s Home Bakery is sure to add a magical touch to your celebration.

All of our cakes are guaranteed fresh and flavorful.  Our melt-in-your-mouth buttercream icing is like nothing you’ve ever tasted.  And our amazing cake artists promise to create a visual treat that will delight you and your guests.

From crazy, comic and colorful…to soft, subtle and sentimental…Our award winning bakers and decorators are ready to dazzle you with exceptional service and quality.

Step by Step Ordering

This information will help you create just the right cake for your special day. Place your order by phone or feel free to stop in any time and view our photo album.

1. When is the cake for?

If you can order the cake one week in advance, great!  If not, we appreciate at least two day’s to ensure you receive the cake you desire.  We are closed Sunday’s but cakes picked up on Saturday will be perfect for Sunday.

2. Where will you pick it up?

You may call any of our stores to place your order, but be sure to specify at which location you will be picking up your cake.

3. How many people do you need to serve?

Sheet Cake

A popular choice for easy serving.
1/4 Sheet – (9 x 13″) – Serves 15-18
1/2 Sheet – (13 x 18″) – Serves 30-35
Full Sheet – (18 x 26″) – Serves 60-72
Call if you need to serve more than 72

Round Layer Cake

A taller and more formal classic appeal.
6″ Round – Serves 6-10
8″ Round – Serves 12-16
10″ Round – Serves 20-30
12″ Round – Serves 40-50

4. What kind of cake would you like?

Flavored Cake

In addition to white, chocolate or marble, select from these flavors at an additional charge: Almond, Banana, Carrot, Cherry, Chocolate Chip, Confetti, Lemon, Lemon Poppyseed, Poppyseed, Raspberry, Red Velvet, Spice and Strawberry.


Spice up your cake with these fun & flavorful fillings: Blueberry, Caramel, Cherry, Cream Cheese, Custard, Fudge, German Chocolate, Lemon, Peanut Butter Cream, Raspberry and Strawberry.

Flavored Icing

We’re famous for our smooth delicious butter cream icing. If you prefer, choose chocolate icing, or whipped cream at no additional charge.

Other flavors include: Almond, Banana, Caramel, Cream Cheese, Fudge Truffle, German Chocolate, Lemon, Maple, Mint, Raspberry, Strawberry, Strawberry Cream.

*Please note that cakes with pictures require white butter cream icing.

5. What decorations would you like?

Choose One of Three Styles

REGULAR DECORATED – Our most traditional style includes icing, border, colored spray, flowers, or icing balloons and a written greeting. An additional novelty may be added for an extra charge, such as a graduation cap and diploma, icing cross, icing baby booties, chalice host, gold or silver leaves, and much more.

COPYCAKE & NOVELTY – Our cake artist can draw many pictures representing sports, hobbies, and themes. We also offer various themed novelties that may be just right for your occasion. Ask to see our photo album for ideas.

COMPUTER IMAGE – The most unique way to personalize your cake. Our newest in decorating technology allows us to scan a picture, adjust the size to your cake and print it in food color, creating an edible image on your cake. Simply bring in a 4×6, 5×7, or 8×10 photograph, the bigger the better, or supply a digital picture via e-mail or disc. We also carry various licensed cartoon and television characters.

Choose Color & Text

COLOR – For graduation, the school colors are the most common choice. Otherwise choose seasonal colors or colors appropriate for male or female.

GREETING / TEXT – Choose from cursive or print. Here are some basic ideas, or get as creative as you like…
“Congratulations Megan, Class of 2008″
“Follow Your Dreams Mike!”
“Baptismal Blessings, Marissa”
“Showers of Happiness, Lisa”

It’s never too late

Forgot to place your order? Last minute occasion? Never fear, frozen cakes are here! We keep a wonderful assortment of beautiful cakes in our freezer section just for your convenience.
Available in a variety of sizes and flavors, each cake is uniquely decorated by our cake artists, and you can even have your own personal greeting added in just minutes.

Best of all, the taste is so fresh you and your guests will never know it was frozen.

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